Adam Buchamo
An Old Bush Song
And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Australian Through & Through
Bilbo's Last Song
Brunswick Road
Byron One
Call for a Doctor
Choice is Yours
Davey Lowston
Convicts Lament on the Death of Captain Logan
Dear China
Excuse Me
Factory Lad
Farewell to Tarwathy
Fellow Diggers Side by Side
Flowers of the Forest
Gentle Annie
Grey Funnell Line
Guitars In Heaven
High Flying Bird
In Good King ArthurDay
Isle de France
Jack O'Rion
Jim Jones
Jimmy Clay
John Barlycorn
Little Musgrave
Live Another Day
Lord Franklin
Loser's Blues
Man of Burningham Town
Maryborough Miner
My Country
Oily Rag
Passing Me By
Poison Train
Reynard the Fox
Roving Matilda
Song to Me
South Australia
Spencer the Rover
Steamroller Blues
The Island
Tuesdays Song
Van Dieman's Land
Weevils In The Flour
What Am I Doing Here
Who's That on the Radio
World I Believe In